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Lambeth Sounds (Lambeth Music Service and In Harmony Lambeth) are pleased to offer online payments via ParentPay the leading UK online payment provider for schools and colleges.


Please enter the amount to be paid using the invoice you have received. You will then be taken to a secure payment page - please enter your credit or debit card details. No card details are stored by Lambeth Sounds or by ParentPay. 

You can also elect to pay by PayPoint by selecting the Print PDF option.   Please print off your bar-coded letter to your local PayPoint shop together with your cash payment for the full invoice value.   Please keep your shop receipt as proof of payment.

Student details

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*Student's ID(this can be found on your invoice)

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*Amount to pay

You will find this on your invoice

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Please ensure all details are completed. If there is missing information it may result in a delay assigning the payment to your child.